I picked this up from my time working in a tex-mex restaurant. The guys there used fresh avocados and not the catering crap you would normally find in a restaurant. Even though the avocados were sometimes expensive the taste was always superior, and we used to sell heaps of it as a result. Most important…they kept it simple! For a large bowl that would be enough for 8-10 people to spread on nachos, enchiladas and on burritos etc. You will need.... 6 large Reed Avocados, or 8 smaller Haas Avocados. When selecting the avocados make sure they are not solid as a rock, nor too soft. It is a bit of a lottery, but you can normally get a decent avocado. Don’t squeeze the centre, but squeeze near the top to check for softness. 1 bottle of Old El-Paso Taco sauce (Mild) ½ onion, chopped finely Pinch of salt Method... Halve and scoop out the avocado flesh. Remove any really brown bits and anything that doesn’t look edible. Some brown bits are OK. Add the onion and a pinch of salt. Add the taco sauce (about ½ the jar and mash). Taste. If the avocados were not quite ripe it will taste a bit bland. If this is the case you will need slightly more of the taco sauce. Keep adding until you have something you like. Unless you add more avocado, do not mash, just stir in the extra taco sauce. That’s it. Use to top nachos, Enchiladas, burritos or anything really.